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Find out what Pro Green saw on his Instagram that made him THIS happy

Professor Green swung by the Radio 1 studios today to talk about his Very Good Indeed new single, One Eye On The Door, with Scott Mills.

He also answered our exceptionally random New Music Frid-Eh? questions, where all questions are based on the brand new songs we're playing as part of New Music Friday. What a coincidence that his new tune was one of them...

Professor Green - One Eye On The Door

The personal experience behind Professor Green’s new track

We’ve all been there… or perhaps not?

What's the story behind your new single, One Eye On The Door?

"A lot of people have been in this situation, both men and women, where you hit a fork in the road and you either go home to the person at home waiting for you, who you said you'd home to, or you have a third pint or a third glass of wine and you go out with your mates and then all of a sudden it's 6am in the morning and you're in trouble.

"I think it's quite a lot of people's weekends to be honest. I know a lot of mates who are in very happy relationships that it continually happens in - on both sides. It's 2016, that's what goes on.

"It wasn't written about the break-up of my marriage. It's just a situation that happens in a relationship. I'm not writing those songs."

Charli XCX - After The Afterparty

And on that note, what is the last thing you did that made you think 'I really should have gone to bed'?

"Last Thursday. Went out for a curry and a quiet drink with a few mates. Quiet drink they said.

"I got home on Friday about 6pm."

It's the end of the world and there’s room for two in your underground bunker. What celeb are you saving?

"Probably Thandie Newton. I do have a bit of a crush on her but also she seems alright, like the sort of person who, where if it didn't pan out you could still spend time with and not end up hating. She seems like quite a nice person.

"Westworld is a great show. It's a weird one, I think people always have reservations when they turn a classic movie into a TV show but it's incredible."

What's the weirdest talent you have?

"I taught myself how to code HTML when I was younger. I used to skate so I taught myself to film and to edit as well. We wanted to put them online so I taught myself to code and how to use Flash as well. I was a right geek.

"I was really inquisitive and I wanted to be able to do stuff myself, so I learned."

Kungs - I Feel So Bad

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What’s something you’ve done that you still feel terrible about?

"I don't really think regrets are healthy. You can't change what's been done. You can only do your best moving forward.

"I don't really regret much, is that bad? I'm not a sociopath."

What’s the last thing you saw on social media that made you go ‘that’s so good’.

"I'm terrible. I follow loads of chefs, so it's food. It's always food. I'll probably find something now if I go on my Instagram.

"There you go, a pizza burger hot dog."

Apart from your phone and wallet, what's the one thing you always keep with you?

"I always carry around an aftershave and if I've got my bag, deodorant as well.

"I'm quite a hygiene freak. Some antibac is definitely on that list too."

Bebe Rexha - I Got You

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What’s the best present we could give you right this second?

"A flat white. I haven't had a coffee yet this morning and I've had to come in and do the breakfast show.

"I had to get up very very early to walk my dogs before I did, so a coffee right now would be great. I was up at about six, which isn't too hard for most people but I didn't go to bed until 3am."