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The most fun, unexpected moments from Greg James' first week on Radio 1 Breakfast

Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James kicked off this week and it's been an eventful first four days - with fun games, famous names and listeners getting involved in all the action.

Opening on Monday 20 August with a touching tribute to the airwaves ("I love radio more than anything else in the world, it is the best thing"), Greg went on to thank the listeners - old and new. "This show is all about you," Greg said. He's right too, with those at home picking the music for the new 10 Minute Takeover every morning.

On the basis of Greg's first week, literally anything can happen. And indeed it does: Someone even drank tea for the very first time (yes, there are some people who have never tasted tea!).

Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James returns next week (Monday to Thursday from 6.30am) with loads more to look forward to. To get a real sense of what to expect, you'll have to tune in!

But, to get a bit of a taster, here's some of the best bits from Greg's first week.

A random listener got to pick the very first tune

Before Greg's big day, there was much speculation over what his first song would be. Greg, though, decided it wasn't on him to make this decision. He explained: "I don't want to pick the first song. It's down to you."

A bold decision, given that it could literally be anything, but Greg wasn't fazed: "Who knows what it’s going to be? It could be Barbie Girl, there’s no snobbery here - we would play it." Picking a text from a listener at random, Greg got a banger in the end, playing Levels by Avicii as his very first tune.

The first guest was an actual lion

As with the first song, Greg went with a listener for the pick of his first guest. Lauren got in touch from Blackpool Zoo, arguing that seeing as Greg's new job would involve him waking the nation with his voice alone, it only made sense for the first guest to be someone "very loud", with a voice that "travels for miles" and who, like Greg will get used to, sleeps most of the day.

Have you guessed it yet? Yes, Greg's first interview was with a roaring lion called Wallace, which had been woken especially with the bribery of food. "Let's wake up some lions, and then wake up the UK with some roaring," said Greg, going on to talk to Wallace about how he likes his steaks cooked. As you might imagine, the chat was rather one-sided.

Coldplay recorded a new song to wish Greg luck

Sorry, this clip is not currently available

Coldplay recorded a song especially Greg James!

The first ever Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James is marked by a new Coldplay track.

Usually when it's your first day starting something new, you'll get a good luck text from your mum at the most. But for Greg's first show, Coldplay sent an email out of the blue containing a mystery audio file.

It turned out to be a brand new song called Let Yourself Go, featuring frontman Chris Martin singing: "Let yourself go, you're listening to the Greg James Breakfast show. Let yourself have fun, with Greg on Radio, Radio 1. Ah yeah, here comes the sun."

It was so touching a moment that Greg ended up playing the song twice, and it even reduced people in the studio to tears. "Thanks so much, Coldplay. What a ridiculous thing," Greg said afterwards. "I'm having a morning that feels like a dream anyway, but the 11 year-old me is not okay. Actually, the 32 year-old me is not okay."

A fan had a chinwag with Calvin Harris

Game of Phones - Calvin Harris

Greg has a famous person's phone number - will a Radio 1 listener guess the last digit?

Greg's first week also saw the introduction of a new segment called 'Game Of Phones', which sees listeners getting to guess the missing digit from a celebrity's phone number. Get it correct and a fan can speak directly with the idol, simple as that!

The first famous phone number Greg got his hands on was that of Calvin Harris. After one straight-to-voicemail call, a sleepy-sounding American swiftly hanging up and an endlessly ringing phone, a super-fan finally got through to Calvin himself, with the listener revealing that she even named her cat after Calvin!

Greg booked the Red Arrows... on bikes

Greg's first show may have included a tribute from Coldplay, a call with Calvin Harris and an interview with a lion, but he wanted to finish it off in style. So what did he do? He only went and booked the Red Arrows for an aerobatic display of smoke and awe. Well, kind of...

"I decided to book the Red Arrows for the first Breakfast show," Greg explained. "But I couldn't afford the planes, so I booked the pilots and got them to bring some red bikes with them."

The show's guest, comedian Joe Lycett, commentated on the farcical affair, which Greg saw as a perfect description for the new-look Breakfast. "If there's anything to sum up the show it's that you aim for the Red Arrows, but end up with some blokes on red bicycles with smoke coming out of the handle bars," he joked.

Watch the display in all its glory below:

Someone forgot how many moons there are

We've all been there. You're under pressure and suddenly forget the most obvious of things: your name, age or, as one caller did on Breakfast this week, how many moons there are.

During an edition of Greg's Yesterday's Quiz game, which features questions about news from the day before, a listener called Julia was so flustered that she thought the Earth has four moons. "I'll never live that down," she sighed.

Don't feel too bad though, Julia. As the clever clogs over at QI point out, the planet may actually have more moons than the one we know. "Scientists now think the Earth has thousands of moons," they say, but, "only one has so far been confirmed by direct observation."

Another listener climbed a hill with a rude-sounding name

Following news of a mountain in Wales being downgraded to a mere hill (yes, just like the Hugh Grant film), Greg sent a local Radio 1 listener to up the summit, which goes by the rather crude-sounding name of Fan Y Big (actually pronounced "Van E Beeg").

Listener James set off on his trek with a special Radio 1 flag and pole, measuring at 1.5 metres - exactly the difference needed to make the hill a mountain once again. We're not sure it'll convince the official surveyors, but the stunt did result in Greg getting a personal invite to visit Fan Y Big. He better pack his hiking boots...

Finally, Chloë Grace Moretz won over a mum and bagged a listener a trip to Thorpe Park

Chloë Grace Moretz helps a listener celebrate GCSE results day in style!

Can Chloë convince Amber's mum to take her to a theme park to celebrate her exam results?

For GCSE Results Day on Thursday (23 August), acting superstar Chloë Grace Moretz helped one lucky listener convince her mother to take her to Thorpe Park to celebrate.

Though met with heavy resistance at first, Moretz eventually persuaded mother Karen, who drove a very hard bargain indeed, finally agreeing to the trip after promises made by daughter Amber to do many chores in return.

Karen even got to play her own music in the car all the way there as a trade. It just goes to show that on the Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James, actual miracles can happen.

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