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Is motherhood for me?

Do you want children? For those who have a choice, how do you know when you’re ready? Well, take this very unscientific quiz to see if it can help you make a decision…

1. You have many practical or logical reasons for not having children (e.g. small flat, tight finances, career progression). Do you still have what you’d describe as a burning desire to be a mother?

(If yes, add 3 points. If no, add 0 points)

2. Take a moment and visualise being a mother. Notice how it feels. Do you feel heavy and weighed down?

(If yes, add 0 points. If no, add 2 points)

3. Now, visualise a child-free future. Notice how that feels. Do you feel light and energised?

(If yes, add 0 points. If no, add 3 points)

4. Is the only reason you're considering motherhood because you feel it is something you should do or that it's your 'duty'?

(If yes, add 0 points. If no, add 3 points)

5. Do you want children but are worried that you won't be a good mother?

(If yes add 0 points. If no, add 4 points)

What your results mean (very unscientifically):

MORE THAN 10: You are ready to try to become a mother now

BETWEEN 5-10: You might want children eventually, but have unresolved questions and need to explore your options before committing

LESS THAN 5: You could be wanting to embrace a child-free life

Based on Beth Follini's life coaching questions.

How did you do? Get in touch and let us know.

"I at no point sat down and went 'I do absolutely not want to have children'..."

Dr Ginette Carpenter on her experience being child-free.