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Seven of the most unbelievable truths

In The Unbelievable Truth, guests deliver a short lecture that should be entirely false, except for five hidden truths that their opponents should try to identify. Here are seven of the most unbelievable truths to be smuggled past guests on the programme...

1. The United States started its programme to land on the moon when they realised that nuking it would be too complicated

At the height of the Cold War the US developed a top-secret plan to detonate a nuclear bomb on the moon. Doctor Leonard Reiffel, the physicist who fronted the project said: “It was clear the main aim of the proposed detonation was a PR exercise and a show of one-upmanship. The air force wanted a mushroom cloud so large it would be visible on Earth.”

Frankie Boyle on astronauts

Now we know why astronauts train in swimming pools. Thanks, Frankie...

2. A German duck was caught doing nearly 40 in a 30 zone

In 2002 a police speed camera in Germany caught a duck breaking the speed limit by travelling at 39 kilometres per hour in a 30 zone. The duck was flying a few centimetres above street level in Gluckstadt when it triggered the speed camera.

Are ducks evil?

Comedian Holly Walsh attempts to smuggle facts about cartoon ducks past Frankie Boyle.

3. Puke, Goose Turd, Dead Spaniard and Dying Monkey were all Elizabethan fabric colours

In the 16th century, Puke was dirty brown, Goose Turd was yellowish green and Dead Spaniard was pale greyish tan. Alas there are no surviving records, so we can only guess at the colour of Dying Monkey.

David Mitchell as global ambassador for Brussels sprouts?

The comedy genius fiercely defends the reputation of the controversial green vegetable.

4. The Nazis tried to kill Winston Churchill with a chocolate bomb

The plot was foiled by British spies who discovered that the chocolate was being made, and tipped off MI5.

Richard Osman: "American chocolate is made from vomit!"

The voice of teatime knowledge shares some ‘alternative facts’ about chocolate.

5. Most German history takes place on the 9th of November

This is a significant day of the year in Germany as it marks the date of Kaiser Willhelm II’s abdication in 1918, the Nazi Party’s failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, the murderous Kristallnacht in 1938 and also the day the Berlin wall fell in 1989.

“People in Germany have a higher IQ than anyone else”

Henning Wehn uses several "alternative facts" in a speech about his country of birth.

6. One of President Jefferson’s White House sheep committed a murder

Whilst serving as President, Thomas Jefferson kept a territorial Shetland ram on the White House lawn. It was so aggressive that it attacked several people who had taken short cuts across the square, and went on to kill a young boy.

"Sheep in mazes tend to go left"

John Finnemore attempts to smuggle a genuine fact about sheep

7. There are about 45 million dead people on Facebook

Some estimates claim that 8,000 Facebook users die each day. At some point in time there will be more dead users than living ones.

Frankie Boyle on Mark Zuckerberg

Is this the REAL reason why the entrepreneur founded his social media empire?

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