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Free the Word: Gurt

28 September 2017

Gurt by Vanessa Kisuule

BBC Radio Bristol

Gurt by Vanessa Kisuule

Def: Very, great. Suggested by listeners to Radio Bristol.

Cos this city's so much / More than cider barrels / And tractors / But every now and then / Taking time to celebrate / What so many mock / Can feel pretty lush.

def | very; really.

Gurt is first recorded, in the sense great, in the late 14th century and it later became restricted to local varieties of English, particularly in the north-west and south-west of England... Now, in Bristol, gurt lush has become not just a common expression to express one’s liking for something but a catchphrase for the city, as can be seen in the numerous t-shirts printed with the phrase.

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