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5 things we learned from Bros' chat with Steve Wright on Radio 2

25 January 2019

Back in 1988, the pop charts were dominated by twins Matt and Luke Goss, who, alongside Craig Logan, found massive fame in the group Bros.

The trio had a string of top ten hits, including the chart-topper I Owe You Nothing; their album Push was among the biggest selling albums of the year; they dominated the covers of top teen magazines such as Smash Hits and Just Seventeen; and they could regularly be seen on TV, with appearances on the likes of Top of the Pops, Going Live! and Wogan. Their every move was closely followed by a huge and decicated fanbase, the Brosettes.

Success proved relatively short-lived, with Craig leaving the group at the height of their fame, and follow-up records not reaching the same dizzying heights of their earlier efforts. But the boys paved the way for future teen idols such as Take That, Boyzone, and One Direction to follow. Meanwhile, all went quiet on the Bros front from the early 90s - with Luke moving into acting, and Matt carrying on singing as a solo artist, and securing a Las Vegas residency - until 2016 when the now duo announced comeback concerts.

Fast forward to Christmas 2018, and the TV debut of 'Bros: After The Screaming Stops', a behind-the-scenes film about the Bros reunion. It's become one of the most-talked about shows of the festive season, elevating the Goss brothers back into public consciousness, in a way not seen since their 80s heyday.

Matt and Luke dropped by the Radio 2 studios to chat to Steve Wright about the documentary, plans for the future, advice for today's boy bands, and what they really think of Craig.

Listen to the full interview below and read on to find out what we learned from their interview...

Bros have big plans for 2019!

Matt and Luke Goss discuss 'that' documentary, their careers and what's coming up in 2019

1) They admit it was painful for them to watch the documentary

"It was a very painful and difficult film for us to watch for many reasons," reveals Matt.

We got to have therapy in front of the nation
Matt Goss

"You could see the pain on our faces in certain areas. I got to see Luke’s anguish and agony and frustrations about certain things and hopefully Luke saw the same about me. We got to have therapy in front of the nation basically."

Luke continues: "Matt and I made a decision - we said look, we have the legal right to adjust this thing, but if it's a good film then let the filmmakers have their time."

"It is funny at times but then it unravels, there's a journey in this film and by the end of it there is a pay off. I think it’s somewhat beautifully done - it’s funny, it’s heartwarming, it’s ridiculous at times, and it's very very real."

Matt adds: "What people got to see was a snapshot of our lives. And that was a relief to us in a way, so we don't have to explain it every time."

2) They're working on new music

Matt has some exclusive news about the first new music from the boys in decades: "We went into the studio together and recorded a new song. It was incredible experience."

Luke adds: "I had the experience of walking into a beautiful studio at The Palms Casino and there was my kit mic’d up fully and I just laid down a track. It was just such a gorgeous feeling. I hadn’t done that before. I had programmed before, I had played on electronic kits, but to play on an acoustic kit for the first time in 30 years is somewhat ridiculous, but beautiful."

And it's not going to end there.

"We're definitely going to be recording new music," reveals Matt, "We're making those plans to get the next record ready. We want to go on stage with a new record out there."

"We might even film the album," says Luke, "We're going to go and make real music somewhere and dedicate a month or so of our lives to do that.

Away from Bros, Luke is directing a movie this year, and as well as his solo shows, Matt has penned the lyrics for an upcoming musical based on the hits 70s TV drama Upstairs, Downstairs.

Bros were Top of the Pops regulars throughout 1988

3) Their influences are wide-ranging

"Stuart Copeland was a huge reason I started playing drums," reveals Luke, "I think Phil Collins is a glorious drummer, also Omar Hakim, Buddy Rich."

The 70s were a huge influence for me as a drummer
Luke Goss

"When I think rock in the 70s, it wasn’t really rock, it was just excellent musicianship. The 70s were a huge influence for me as a drummer."

For Matt: "Without a question it's Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Mel Tormé, Frank Sinatra."

"I’m a soul boy through and through, don’t get me wrong I love some old rock, Free, Cream, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Stones. I like rock singers that have soul to their voice. But I also love the crooners as well."

Luke reveals these influences will be more evident in Bros' new material: "That’s going to be the new Bros - a melle of those collective influences. I’m a fan of Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, they’re my guys, but bringing that to Matt’s world - I think it's going to be a wonderful experiment."

4) Their advice to today's boy bands - don't chase fame

"My personal advice would be try to find an authenticity so you feel somewhat represented," says Luke, "Otherwise you’ll never feel that you are a musician."

Matt adds: "I'll also say if you are chasing fame and not the music, then you are chasing the wrong things. Fame is very elusive thing and we felt in some ways exiled from this country, and we went to America and prevailed. So to come back because of music and our bona fide success. We didn't chase fame, we chased the creation."

Bros, with Mark Goodier and Liz Kershaw, during a visit to Radio 1 in 1988

5) There's no animosity with Craig

"Craig is extremely successful as a manager," reveals Luke, "He has done gloriously well managing P!nk."

Be great if Craig managed us
Matt Goss

Matt adds: "Craig really was somebody who was our mate at the time, and he just really didn’t want to be in front of the camera and I respect that about Craig. But me and my brother, we really love creating, and we love doing what we do, and performing and seeing that live audience.”

Luke also sets the record straight about the twins' relationship with their former bandmate: "There is no animosity between us. Management or running a record label - he is an extremely successful guy in that regard and I wish him nothing but success."

"Be great if he managed us in a way!" suggests Matt.

"I'm sure our managers are over the moon about that idea!" laughs Luke.