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The Final

1. The happy moment of your class reunion...

Is short-lived when you remember what it feels like to be picked last

2. Claude brutally rejected Alana's cake during the Interviews

But when he thought no-one was looking...

3. The finalists had a (purple) whale of a time coming up with their brand names

4. Desperate times call for desperate measures

5. The Big K was back, and he didn't disappoint

With his wise words

And even wiser moves

6. Frances made her directorial debut

But Maureen stole the show

7. It's perfectly acceptable for your USP to be yourself


8. Courtney and Alana delivered two perfect pitches

And it all came down to Wales v Whales

(With a little help from Oliver)

9. But despite his best (and much improved) efforts, it was commiserations for Courtney

10. As Alana was crowned the 2016 winner

Congratulations Alana - You're Hired!