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Lindsay Booth

Lindsay was fired in week three after realising the difficult process wasn’t for her. “I haven’t been the person I thought I was going to be when I came here,” Lindsay admitted in the boardroom. “Probably I’m best sticking with what I know best and that’s swimming.” She became the fourth person to be fired by Lord Sugar.

About Lindsay

Lindsay has been a swimming instructor for 14 years and is the founder of a swimming academy - developing her business from teaching just one child, to renting local pools to teach hundreds over the past four years. She says she is determined to be successful, and that her passion is teaching children to swim as it is a skill that could one day save their lives.

Saying she would rather be motivated by her potential future than by following the past achievements of others, Lyndsay would describe herself as compassionate and ambitious, with the ability to isten carefully and recall crucial information when required. And chauvinistic men beware - if you interrupt Lyndsay or another woman before they get their point across, she may have some harsh words for you!

Lindsay Booth's Audition

Feisty Lindsay thinks the other candidates might underestimate her.