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Meet Brandon and Tom

Brandon and Tom are also collaborators! Find out more about them by watching this video.

You’re friendly and cooperative, making you a great team player! You tend to remain calm and often act as the peace maker.

You are usually the go-to friend when someone needs a good listener. You are loyal and patient, avoiding conflict where you can.

Your empathy means you are able to shape other people’s ideas into creative reality!

Who are Brandon and Tom?

Brandon currently works as a Creative Technologist at the web agency Redweb in Bournemouth. You can usually find him tinkering with electronics, making websites or developing apps.

The best piece of advice Brandon has ever received: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Tom recently signed to Sony’s Relentless Records was born in Scotland and raised in Manchester on his father’s extensive record collection - drawn to artists like Ray Charles, The Police and Bob Marley. He’s spent the past few years honing his sound, landing in a house-share with twelve other musicians (including members of Whilk & Misky), jamming together in their home-built, soundproof studio. Tom has already crafted a remarkably soulful signature, blended with heavier beats and carefully thought-out, understated samples.

The best piece of advice Tom has ever recieved was from George Ezra: “Its nice to be nice

Who created the films?

To create our 10 films we worked with 5 new creators, all of who use digital skills in their creative work. Alex made the films with Bejay and Brandon and Tom.

Alex Odam is a London based Director of Photography, Editor & Designer. He mostly shoots and edits short films, documentaries & music videos. He collaborates with the uk's top content creators, and has worked with clients including Google, Channel 4 & The BBC

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