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Dance around your shopping bags

If you want to inleash your inner dancer then head to Woking where MoveMe will be inviting people to take part in its interactive dance event.



MoveMe is dance class meet flashmob meets party. Move yourself along to MoveMe!

MoveMe is dance class meets flashmob meets party and they need you to join in. You'll learn the moves alongside professional contemporary dancers.

Using a storytelling method to take the audience on a journey through an irresistible pop track, professional dancers teach people of all ages and abilities a contemporary dance choreography in just 40 minutes.

Come on down to Woking Jubilee Square and boogie around your shopping bags on Saturday 4 July. Internationally acclaimed dancer/choreographer Bert Roman will lead this interactive dance event.

Then join in Woking's Party in the Park on Saturday 11 July, assist others in learning the routine and perform on the main stage if the mood takes you. Be a spectator or join in and take centre stage. Even if you haven’t danced since nursery, after a few minutes you’ll be moving like you never knew you could. Everyone can join, all ages and abilities are welcome.

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