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Doctor Who Mission Dalek

Mission Dalek - Call To Action

The Doctor is lost in time and space - your Mission Dalek is to tell us where he's been!

Mission Dalek – tell the Time Lord’s Greatest Tale!

The Doctor is about to face his oldest and greatest enemies… the DALEKS.

Lost in space and time without his TARDIS, the Doctor is trying to make contact. The only clues as to where he is are in his 2000 Year Diary, located in the TARDIS Core. Use these clues to create your very own #MissionDALEK adventure to tell us how the Doctor comes face-to face with the Daleks once again.

Unleash your digital creativity! Be it video, animation or image editing …. Use the range of clips and images we’re supplying or create your own story from scratch. Throw in animation! Voice overs! Cosplay! Go bananas! Just tell your story digitally.

Check out the ‘how to’ videos and digital tools to get you started if you need them.

So what are you waiting for? There are worlds of adventure to be created… The Doctor is waiting!

Our Mission Dalek Mashup

Top Tips!

If you’ve decided to film something for your #MissionDALEK entry, there isn’t another more skilled group of talented individuals to inspire and offer advice than the team behind Doctor Who. Here are the Top Tips from the Toppest Team in Time and Space – Writing, Directing, Camera, Sound, Storyboard, and VFX...

Make It Digital!

Mission Dalek is all about using your imagination to create great digital storytelling! But every storyteller needs some tools to do so – once upon a time it might have been pen and paper, but these days there are fantastic digital resources available to help with editing, animation, and design.

We want you, no matter what your ability or knowledge, to be able to make your ideas a reality and tell your #MissionDALEK tale. Those lovely people at Make It Digital have some great suggestions of software to do just that, which you can find at the Make It Digital website.

The BBC's Make It Digital season is all about inspiring you to get creative with digital technology.