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Between Ballard's Ears in binaural sound

Between the Ears is delving into the world of J.G. Ballard using binaural adaptations of his work to reveal the soundscape of one of Britain's greatest imaginations.

Full of sonorous surrealism, Anton Lesser and Elliot Levey star in Brian Sibley's adaptation of Ballard's fiction Track 12, featuring two men listening to the fantastically amplified results of microsonics.

In a tale of death and transfiguration, a sonic sculpture brings chaos and transformation to the luxury resort of Vermilion Sands during Frank Cottrell Boyce's adaptation of Venus Smiles. Contributing to the aural landscape are sitar performances by Sheema Mukherjee and sonic realizations by Mark Burman and Donald MacDonald.

What is Binaural Sound?

It is a sound production technique that mimics the natural hearing cues created by our head and ears to create the impression of 3D sound when listening on headphones.

This is as opposed to listening to stereo sound on headphones, as we currently do, which leads to the impression that sounds are all inside your head.

For more detail about the technology which makes Binaural possible check out this blog by the BBC R&D team or listen to the results on this taster.

Try binaural sound now with this clip from Track 12

Preview Track 12 in Binaural Sound

Get up close and personal with the cast of Track 12 during this exclusive preview clip.