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Our World War: Interactive Episode

High Wood

This interactive episode is no longer available.

The reality of war means making difficult decisions – what would you have done if it was you?

Running at around 20 minutes, the interactive episode of Our World War is set during the attack on High Wood – part of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Against this backdrop, you will follow the journey of a young corporal struggling to keep the men in his section alive.

Imagine what information and guidance a soldier of the time would have had. You will have to make critical decisions for him based on that – decisions that could result in you saving or sacrificing lives. They may also have some surprising outcomes that will only be revealed to you if you choose certain paths through the story.

After each act of the 3-part story, you will be presented with feedback based on the effectiveness of your choices.

Within this feedback you will be assessed on military tactics, the morale of your men and your overall abilities as a leader. From here you can also go on to unlock more content about the characters in the story and continue your journey with a curated selection of World War One iWonder guides and videos.

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