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Meet the Contributors

Danny Leigh: Presenter

Writer, broadcaster and BBC Film co-host, Danny has been a David Lynch fan since he saw a double bill of Eraserhead and Blue Velvet at The Duke of York, Brighton, in 1986.

Best quote in Twin Peaks? Agent Dale Cooper: "Waldo the bird is dead."

Richard Ayoade

Film director, writer, comedian, and TV presenter Richard Ayoade came to Twin Peaks through Blue Velvet; the film gave him the urge to delve into the Douglas Firs.

His lasting memories of Twin Peaks are the dreams and music.

Denise Mina

Crime writer and playwright Denise Mina used to watch Twin Peaks whilst studying for her degree in law at Glasgow University.

Denise had to watch the programme alone. She found immersing herself in the strange and beautiful world took a lot of concentration. Denise loved dissecting the programme afterwards with her friends.

Favourite character? "Log Lady really stayed with me but not because of the log…"

Rob da Bank

Festival organiser and record label owner Rob da Bank remembers the uncomfortable feeling of watching Twin Peaks - yet despite this, being compelled to return for more.

The inspirational music in Twin Peaks has stayed with Rob from the early 90s (when he used to listen to Moby's 'Go' and Julie Cruise’s 'Falling' in clubs) through to signing David Lynch to the Sunday Best record label.

Andy Burns

Andy Burns is a writer, pop culture journalist and the editor-in-chief of the website Biff Bam Pop. He wrote 'Wrapped in Plastic: Twin Peaks'.

Andy remembers Twin Peaks mania in the summer of 1990 where everyone wanted a piece of memorabilia.

*SPOILER* Andy went for a 'Who shot Agent Cooper' t-shirt.

Best quote in Twin Peaks? Pete Martell: "She's dead, Harry. Wrapped in plastic."

Dr Kirsty Fairclough-Isaacs

Senior Lecturer in Media and Performance at the University of Salford, Kirsty has been carrying her half-a-heart for Twin Peaks since the moment she saw the first episode.

Kirsty is collaborating with Dr. Michael Goddard and Dr. Anthony Smith to present a two day international research conference titled “I’ll See You Again in 25 Years: The Return of Twin Peaks and Generations of Cult TV”.

Best quote? Agent Dale Cooper: "Diane, I'm holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies" The epitome of the show's humour and surrealism.

Kim Thompson

Artist Kim Thompson has always felt the lure of the strange and wonderful world of David Lynch.

Her inspirations come from psychedelia, Soviet print design and B-Movie posters, embracing jarring colours that shouldn't work but somehow do.

Best quote? The Man from Another Place: "Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song... and there's always music in the air."

Chris Watson

It is unlikely that there is a wood or owl that hasn't passed through the microphones of sound recordist Chris Watson.

His recordings gave this documentary the true Pacific Northwest atmosphere.

Remember: the owls are not what they seem.

David James: Producer

Former chef David came to Twin Peaks via the band Nine Inch Nails and Lynch's film Lost Highway which was released in 1997.

Even though he now works in radio he is still on the hunt for the perfect cherry pie and coffee.

Favourite quote? Pete Martell: "There was a fish…in the percolator"