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Annabel solves your problems with Eleri Sion, every Wednesday

Every Wednesday on Eleri's show - just after 3.30pm - that's the time that all your problems could be solved!

She's shared her wit and wisdom with us for many months on the show, but as of now, counsellor, psychotherapist and TV personality Annabel Giles will be joining Eleri every week to tackle your everyday dilemmas big or small - whether they are affairs of the heart or just a problem somewhere in your everyday life that needs solving.

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OK let's get started ...

When a parent seems to favour one child over another...

Our first dilemma is one that we've found in the papers.

Dija struggles to accept the difference in how she and her sister, who's just a year older, are treated by her mother.

“It persists to this day,” she says. “My mother spent £6,000 on my sister’s wedding and did a load of the organisation for her. I got married recently. She paid for half of my wedding dress and finally gave me a present many weeks later. She didn’t get involved in the wedding arrangements; she couldn’t find any time for me at all.”

Her big fear is seeing the favouritism pass down the generations. “My mother has let my kids down a few times already – cancelling at the last minute on their birthdays – but now my sister is pregnant,” she says. “I’m just waiting to see if her baby gets more attention than my kids. I'm 27, is it too late?"

How should you react when your elderly father starts dating in a care home?

Your widower father is in a care home and he meets someone. As a family should you be worried?

Should you address it?

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