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The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition

A word of warning

The game will kill you frequently. It's a bit mean like that.

If in doubt, before you make a move, please save your game by typing "Save" then enter. You can then restore your game by typing "Restore" then enter. This should make it slightly less annoying getting killed all the time as you can go back to where you were before it happened.

Signing in will allow you to tweet about your achievements, and to add a display name so the game can tweet about your achievements by name. You can sign in or register by clicking the BBCiD icon next to the BBC logo in the top navigation bar.

An additional word of warning: Safari

Safari will now only keep settings in local storage for seven days, so if you save a game and come back a week later, it'll be gone. We're working on a long term fix for this, but in the meantime we can only advise using another browser to play the game or it'll be even more frustrating than usual.

Of course, you've chosen to play this game so that sense of permanent frustrating bafflement may be something you enjoy, in which case, please carry on as you were.