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Stop what you're doing and listen to London Grammar cover Prince in the Live Lounge

You've already had Foo Fighters, Chris Martin, The Script, The xx, Thirty Seconds To Mars, P!nk and Harry Styles fill your airwaves with their acoustic wizardry as part of this year's Live Lounge Month (spoiled much?!) and we know what you're now thinking: how much better can it get?!

Well, how does a London Grammar Live Lounge sound? Pretty blimmin' awesome? Thought as much.

After flooring us when they visited the studio in June and taking on Queen Bey's All Night (watch it here), the trio rocked up to the well-trodden Live Lounge turf and prepared to blow our socks off all over again. Brace yourself, it's a good'un...

Firstly, they wooed us with Non-Believer

Anyone else goosebump central right about now?

If things are going well you kind of don't necessarily have the time to celebrate
London Grammar

Scoring a No.1 with their second album Truth Is A Beautiful Thing, you'd think that Hannah, Dom and Dan might've spent a good part of this celebrating. Turns out, you'd be wrong.

"At the moment we don't have that much time to celebrate, which I think is always the way it is," Hannah told Grimmy. "Y'know, if things are going well you kind of don't necessarily have the time to celebrate but we've got a nice celebration planned at the end of our tour at the end of the year. So that'll be good."

Can we get an invite, plz?

When they're not scoring No.1's and headlining the world's biggest festivals, we like to imagine that our fave stars spend their time living the dream. Y'know, lavish parties, decadent dinners, superstar crew. Right, Hannah?

"I try and stay relatively healthy. I didn't realise that that actually made a big difference so I eat some fruit and try and sleep and not go out too much. That's kind of how you get through it really. When you're young that temptation is definitely there but I'm not so young anymore. That's the thing. I'm old and boring now."

Good news, guys: it seems as though all that sensible R&R is paying off...

Then they took us back to 2K14 with Hey Now

Let's rewind time to 2013 and talk about the release of Hey Now, shall we?

We were just watching the views go up and up and up and we were like 'woah, what's going on?!'
London Grammar

Forever changing the way we utter those two words (anyone else?), the success of the single came as a shock to the trio who sat around the table watching the view-count rapidly increase.

"[It] was amazing. I think putting this song up online... we were just watching the views go up and up and up and we were like 'woah, what's going on?!', so this song means a lot to us."

We'd do the same, TBH.

Before giving us all the feels with a rendition of Purple Rain ☂

Seems as though Prince is a pretty popular guy when it comes to this year's Live Lounge covers.

After Thirty Seconds To Mars did a magical mash-up that involved tracks from Prince, David Bowie, George Michael and Linkin Park (watch it in all its glory here), London Grammar decided to take on Prince's iconic Purple Rain.

Chatting to them before they took on the mighty task, Clara quizzed the group of why they opted for the Purple Yoda...

"It's going to be quite emotional to sing it. We all just love this song so much. It's the beauty of his songs, they're so - they're not simple, they're complicated in many ways - they're so emotional. That's the thing. I think he had that really rare gift."

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