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BBC Arabic Festival 2015

BBC Arabic Festival 2015 Trailer

BBC Arabic Festival 2015 Trailer

Interviews with the rest of the Festival's directors can be seen on the Directors Speak page.

BBC Arabic Young Journalist Award

Winner of the 2015 BBC Arabic Young Journalist Award, Jumana Saadeh, accepting her award for her documentary: Second Hand Refugee. Jumana received equipment, training and mentoring for her short documentary, No Kids Land. The film was screened at the opening of the 2017 Festival and aired on BBC Arabic TV.

To learn more about Jumana and her film, click here.

Co-winner of the 2014 BBC Arabic Young Journalist Award, Abdelfattah Farag, presenting his new work Shayma. This short documentary was created thanks to the equipment and mentoring provided to him by BBC Arabic.

To learn more about Abdelfattah and his BBC training experience, click here.

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The guide for the BBC Arabic Festival 2015 can be downloaded here.