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Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to answer the most frequent queries about School Radio here. If you do not find the answer to your question below you can email us, but please note that if your query of is not directly concerned with School Radio we may not be able to respond.

We have been updating pages across the site to offer a bold new look, which we hope you will like and find simple to use. The new pages are fully responsive - meaning they are optimised for display on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. More information in this short video.

We no longer broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Digital overnight. Our content is now available online only - you can stream the content from our website, find it on BBC iPlayer Radio and, in a number of cases, download content as podcasts from our website and other podcast outlets.

A podcast is a series of audio downloads which you can subscribe to. Subscribing to a podcast has the advantage that your device will automatically search for any new content, meaning you will never miss any new content. The School Radio audio series which are available as podcasts can be found on the Podcasts page.

Our audio content can be found in the Learning category.

Teacher's Notes are available online for most series. The Notes are free of charge and are simple to print or download as pdf files. They usually include guidance on using the content, learning objectives and links to the curriculum.

School Radio audio content is no longer available to order on pre-recorded CDs. However, the podcast and streaming services offered by this website are available without restriction.

We will do whatever we can to help...but our archive of programmes is limited to the last few years only.