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Ten eccentric hobbies you might want to try

From spoon carving to steampunk - wonderful eccentrics with stories to tell.

I lived as a goat

'I spent three days living as a goat'

Thomas Thwaites has been awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in biology for his work

We're a steampunk couple

New Zealand's Steampunk town

Iain Clark and Helen Jansen want their town to be the Steampunk movement's capital

I'm a spoon carver

The Spoon Carving Enthusiast

Barnaby Carder spent years living in British forests, using the wood for spoons to sell

I'm preserving the smell of history

Preserving the smell of history

Cecilia Bembibre collects smells that she fears may die out

They called me the 'mother of modern witchcraft'

Doreen Valiente: 'The mother of modern witchcraft'

Jerry Sullivan explores the life of the woman who reinvented witchcraft as a religion

I have the biggest selection of Japanese video games in the world

A Frenchman's video game obsession

Joseph Redon on his passion for retro Japanese video games

We throw axes to destress

Feeling stressed? Why not throw an axe?

Considered very cathartic and good fun, axe throwing is on the rise

We love to visit conventions

Lincolns, mermaids, and furries: the world of conventions

Where people sharing the same obsession can express themselves

I make 'cuneiform cookies' that look like old tablets

A modern dessert, inspired by ancient times

The ‘cuneiform cookie craze’ all started because of Katy Blanchard

My ark of photographs features 12,000 creatures so far

The man creating an ark of photos

Joel Sartore is an American photographer on a 25-year-long wildlife project