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About BBC Radio

BBC Radio Includes

Each week, over 36 million people listen to BBC Radio. The BBC offers a portfolio of services aimed at offering listeners the highest quality programmes, whatever their interest or mood.

• Music radio on Radio 1, Radio 1Xtra, Radio 2, 6 Music and Asian Network.
• Speech, drama, analysis and the arts on Radio 4
• Classical music and jazz on Radio 3
• News and sport on 5 live and 5 live sports extra
• Local programming from 40 stations in England
• 6 dedicated radio services in the nations (Radio Scotland, Radio nan Gàidheal, Radio Ulster, Radio Foyle, Radio Wales, Radio Cymru)
• Comedy, drama and children's programming on Radio 4 Extra

We broadcast in the UK on analogue (AM, FM & LW), DAB Digital Radio, digital television (DTV) and online.

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Policies, Guidelines and Reports

Find out more about the policies of the BBC national radio networks and the policies of the Nations & Regions.

BBC Accountability Reports

Licence Fee

There is no separate radio licence. The licence fee provides for 8 interactive TV channels, 10 radio networks, more than 50 local TV and radio services; and the services available online via

Find out how to pay, how your licence is spent and what your licence provides