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4: La sierra

The mountains

Sofía takes Charlie and Quique to the mountains just outside Madrid and they meet Sofía's friend, Guillermo, a mountaineer. Teresa tells a story about two rival mountains - El Teide on Tenerife and Popocatépetl in Mexico - and Uncle Manu sings about the seasons. Key vocabulary includes the weather and seasons and key grammar points include making negative sentences.

Clip 13: Cercedilla


Quique, Charlie and Sofía take a train to Cercedilla, a town in the mountains just outside Madrid. There they meet Guillermo, a mountaineer. Charlie finds out that it isn't always sunny in Spain.

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Clip 14: Cuento - Cartas de las montañas

Story - Letters from the mountains

Verónica loves looking at maps. Then one day she receives letters from two mountains: El Teide on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, and Popocatépetl in Central Mexico, who tell her their stories.

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Themes, Vocab and Grammar

Themes and vocabulary Grammar and pronunciation
seasons frequency phrases
weather - eg hace frío (it's cold) and hace calor (it's hot) negatives
points of the compass - norte (north), este (east), sur (south), oeste (west) pronunciation of ll (llueve / llamas)
- Spanish climate

Clip 15: En la cafetería

In the café

Quique, Sofía and Charlie are sheltering from the rain in a café: the perfect opportunity for Charlie to get to grips with some Spanish phrases to describe the weather. Charlie hears the phrase se puede for the first time.

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Key vocabulary 1

Spanish English
Las estaciones The seasons
primavera (f) Spring
verano (m) Summer
otoño (m) Autumn
invierno (m) Winter
siempre always
normalmente normally

Clip 16: Canción - ¡Qué bonita es la Tierra!

Song - How pretty Earth is!

A Martian observes the Earth from afar and says how lucky Earthlings are to have the changing seasons, while he sits shivering, with freezing cold feet, on Mars.

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Key vocabulary 2

Spanish English
alpinista (m/f) mountain climber
bosque (m) wood, forest
esquí (m) / esquiar skiing / to ski
está it is (located)
fuerte strong
hacer alpinismo to go mountain climbing
montaña (f) / montañero (m) mountain / mountaineer