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Cast and credits: episode 6

Find out who wrote, performed, produced and script edited the final episode of series 8!

Newsjack featured performances by Margaret Cabourn-Smith, Justin Edwards, Nadia Kamil and Lewis Macleod.

It was written by:

Alan Stafford

Alex Buchanan

Alfred Williams

Andy Flood

Benjamin Partridge

Brian Widdas

Caspian James

Chris Allen

Danny Antrobus

David Traynier

Gabby Hutchinson Crouch

Garry Abbott

Graham Kilvington

Grainne Maguire

James Bugg

Jamie Gladden

Jim Coulson

Jon Hunter

Kev Core

Kevin Baker

Mark Cowling

Mark Rawle

Matt Fishwick

Mick Hodgkin

Neil Quigley

Nick R Thomas

Owen Seddon & Emlyn Williams

Paul Gilmour

Peter Merrett

Robert AJ Newton

Simon Wiltshire

Steve Holford

Tom Neenan

It was script edited by Tom Neenan and Benjamin Partridge. The producers were Lyndsay Fenner & Ed Morrish.

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