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All in the Mind Awards 2016

The winners of the All in the Mind Awards 2016 have been announced at a special ceremony in the Wellcome Collection.

Individual Award

The winner in the Individual Award category was Jane Clement nominated by her friend and neighbour Charlotte Forsyth. Charlotte’s daughter died in the hospital where Charlotte worked. She was grateful for the down to earth approach of Jane who has helped her cope with grief and depression.

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Group or project award

Glasgow’s Common Wheel project won the group or project award. They use bicycle building as a therapy to help people with a range of mental health issues. By learning to strip, service and rebuild bicycles, clients gain a new skill and a sense of achievement. By concentrating on bicycle building they dwell less on their mental health issues.

Professional category winner

The professional category winner was case worker Amy Wollny from Turning Point. After spending half his life in prison ‘John’ was helped to turn his life around. For the first time in his life he has regular employment and is in control of his own behaviour.

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More stories to mention

Other stories that featured in the series include; The Tomorrow Project, a community based counselling service set up in a Nottinghamshire village after suicides there amongst teenagers. The work of a GP, Dr Dietch, he helped his patient receive appropriate treatment for bipolar disorder, and helped mental health professionals treat her when he was out of the country.

A boss called Blair with an unusual relationship with her employee, Steven. She doesn't just pay him and supervise him. She has supported him through some of the hardest times in his life. And Ellie nominated her mother Bernardette who has helped her cope with suicide attempts and depression throughout her teenage years.

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