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Are these five of the most unusual jobs?

If your job prospects are failing to inspire you, how about these ideas for a new career?

Being paid to wait in line

BBC Minute: On being paid to wait in line

Robert Samuel is the founder of New York's only professional line waiting team

Running the world's most southerly post office

BBC Minute: On running the world's most southerly post office

Freezing cold, with thousands of penguins and only three other people for company

Making up wedding hashtags

BBC Minute: On making up wedding hashtags

Marielle turned a love of weddings and hashtags into a business

Milking snakes to help with scientific research

BBC Minute: On snake milking

Jim Harrison extracts venom to help scientists with research into cancer and Alzheimer's

Translating emojis for a global audience

BBC Minute: On the world's first emoji translator

This means 'Hi, I'm the world's first emoji translator' in emoji, says expert Keith Broni