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The Story Lab Ten Killer Tips in Ten Minutes

Chris Evans, Francesca Simon, Frank Cottrell-Boyce and Malorie Blackman impress HRH The Duchess of Cornwall with story tips!

10. Tantilizing Ten

500 Words Tips: Tantilizing Ten

Think of questions around a picture to get you going

9. Neat Nine

500 Words Tips: Neat Nine

Sometimes stories come from the things around you so have a look around

8. Great Eight

500 Words Tips: Great Eight

Great ideas don't always come easily but Alphabot is here to help you think of creatively

7. Sensational Seven

500 Words Tips: Sensational Seven

Think about your feelings and what it's like to be someone else when writing

6. Super Six

500 Words Tips: Super Six

Pictures are a great way to start thinking of an idea for a story

5. Fabulous Five

500 Words Tips: Fabulous Five

Music helps put pictures in your head

4. Fantastic Four

500 Words Tips: Fantastic Four

It helps to draw a character to get to know them better

3. Thrilling Three

500 Words Tips: Thrilling Three

Listen to the sounds around you to help inspire an idea for a story

2. Terrific Two

500 Words Tips: Terrific Two

It can be really hard to just come up with a story but an object can help you think

1. Wonderful One

500 Words Tips: Wonderful One

It's a creative process which should be fun so give it a go!

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