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People with amazing levels of endurance - and how you can boost yours

It takes guts, motivation, stamina and attitude to take on a major sporting challenge. Be inspired by four amazing athletes - and discover how you can boost your own ability to survive a disaster.

I climbed Everest with cystic fibrosis

BBC Minute: On climbing Everest with cystic fibrosis

Nick Talbot conquered the world's highest peak with the genetic condition

I sailed around the globe against the winds and currents

BBC Minute: On sailing around the world 'backwards'

Traversing the globe against sea currents was previously called the 'impossible voyage'

I ran a 250-kilometre race - in the Sahara

BBC Minute: On the 'world's toughest race'

The Marathon des Sables is a 251km run through the Sahara desert

I've won the 'Yak Attack' - aka the toughest mountain-bike race in the world

BBC Minute: On cycling the Himalayas

The Yak Attack is a 500km mountain-bike race through the mountains of Nepal

... and here are five tips on surviving in the wild

BBC Minute: On how to survive in the wild

What are the key skills you need to master in a life-or-death situation?