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Living With The Gods: Animations

Neil MacGregor tells the stories of some of the key objects in the Radio 4 series.

1. The earliest known evidence of religious belief

The Lion Man

Neil MacGregor tells the story of a small ivory sculpture, carved 40,000 years ago.

2. The largest silver objects ever produced

How the river Ganges came to London

The story of an extraordinary journey with the largest silver objects ever produced.

3. An astronaut’s very human predicament

How do you find direction in life?

Neil MacGregor explains why an astronaut needed help knowing where he was.

4. How we define our identity through clothes and music

What do your clothes say about you?

What we wear tells people who we are and who we are not, says Neil MacGregor.

The "golden man" who cast treasures into a lake

The legend of El Dorado

Neil MacGregor tells the story of the “golden man” who commits treasures to the deep.

A guide to the cycle of life

The Wheel Of Life

A Buddhist guide to the cycle of birth, death and rebirth and how to escape it.

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