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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about In Our Time - on air and online.

Do you read the emails listeners send you?

Your views about the programme are important to us and the producer reads all your emails. Owing to the number of emails we receive, however, we may not be able to respond to every message individually.

Do you have transcripts of the programmes?

We don’t make transcripts of our programmes in the course of our work, so don’t have any to share (and can’t justify the cost of making these for individual requests – sorry!).

What happened to the indices that used to be on the website?

The A-Z index and Year/Month index were both removed in November 2019, at the same time as other BBC indices. All the websites were being rebuilt and it was too complicated and expensive to adapt or rebuild those pages. They may be restored at some point, in another form.

Online search engines are a good way to find individual episodes. This Wikipedia page is also a useful resource.

Would you like suggestions for episodes?

Yes please! We welcome suggestions throughout the year. We make a note of these, adding them to a list and, even if we can’t yet make programmes from them, we like to know what you are interested in as we take that into account when planning ahead.

Where are the podcasts for the old programmes?

They are all on this website. If you are looking for podcasts elsewhere and find that your provider only has programmes going back a few years, that’s probably because that particular In Our Time feed is full and can’t hold all the 800+ episodes. They can, for now, also be found on popular podcast providers in separate In Our Time feeds for History, Philosophy, Culture, Religion and Science (at least until those too become full).

Where are the reading lists Melvyn mentions?

They are on the individual programmes pages, about half way down, below the main purple block, headed Links and Further Reading. These suggestions come from our guests for that programme.

What happened to Melvyn’s newsletter?

This stopped in 2014 and you can find the last one here.

This is what Melvyn said:

“I started doing this some time ago when – and for reasons too trivial to go into – I decided that I would dictate it as I was walking along, and (this may seem perverse) that I would not read it. (Again, too boring to go into.) I’ve loved doing it and thank you very much those of you who have responded so warmly. But this will be my last blog for In Our Time. BBC Radio has to make economies and as resources are scanter than before, it needs, rightly, to concentrate them on programmes. But I’ve enjoyed sharing my wanderings with you over the years. Thank you for reading them.”

Do you offer work experience?

We are not able to offer work experience but here’s a link to information about work experience at the BBC.