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How to have a weird Glastonbury

There's more to Glastonbury than the music but at times it can all seem a little overwhelming. Fortunately, we've asked some Glastonbury veterans for their tips to help you engage with your weird side.

The Odd Spots...

If we want to see the unexpected these are the places to be...but good luck finding some of them:

1. Strummerville

Nestled in the woods it's the perfect place to sit, listen to music and immerse yourself in the campfire community.

Glastonbury Festival's Strummerville area

Exploring the Strummerville area of the Festival. This is where people come to sing round the campfire and remember the spirit of The Clash frontman Joe Strummer.

2. Croissant Neuf

Known as the pop-up, Eco-tainment village of Glastonbury, even the stage is solar powered. Expect a jolly good sustainable time.

3. Arcadia

One of the most spectacular parties you'll find. Arachnophobes be ware.

Et in Arcadia Ego

What happens at Arcadia at Glastonbury. Arachnophobes avoid this place.

4. The Healing Field

The festival's chill out area. Relax in one of the mystical gardens, learn to make a wooden spoon or cement a relationship with a 'handfasting ceremony'.

5. Shangri-La

An interactive dystopian city; expect to dance, get caught up in its theatrics and get lost.

Gemma Cairney embraced by plastic at Shangri La

Gemma Cairney visits Shangri La at the 2014 Glastonbury Festival

Your Weird Diary

Day by day guide to a strange time!

Gong bath in the Healing Fields


Once you've got your tent up and have orientated yourself it's time to get planning...

- Book yourself in for a Gong Bath in the Healing Fields as spots fill up quickly. Expect to lie on a sheepskin rug as a long haired man hits a giant gong over your body. The sounds will cleanse you ready for you to get very muddy and fill your ears up with music later. Palm readings, chakra realignment and tarot also available.

- In the evening join your fellow revelers at a bonfire - last year there was an opening bonfire by the stone circle.


Before the big music names take to the stage check out the bands happening on some of the smaller stages.

- Head down to the Theatre & Circus area and watch something baffling, stay until the evening for some cabaret at Mavericks (a real late night gem).

- In the evening pop over to the Small World Stage for a knees up.


- Make today the day you chisel some wood, learn to make soap or sit yourself behind the potters wheel. Get down to The Greencrafts Village for 10am for ‘Happy Hour’ where all activities are free. Or visit Green Futures where the environment is top of the agenda.

- Shun the Pyramid Stage for the Croissant Neuf bandstand and tent for a more intimate dance.


- Recover from the night before with with a trip to the Lost Horizon Sauna and some optional naked yoga.

- Tonight, make it your mission to go down the Rabbit Hole or if you're feeling especially lucky search out the Piano Bar (if you can).


- If you made it to the Rabbit Hole then today you might need to let someone else do the talking in the Poetry and Words tent.

- Sunday night is the big one, Arcadia, Shangri-La and Block 9 but whatever you do make it back to the stone circle for sunrise. Switch your phone off and enjoy one of the most beautiful sights Glastonbury has to offer.