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Medusa's Makeover

By Cissy Bailey

Medusa's Makeover by Cissy Bailey

Read by Helen Clapp from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

One morning, medusa woke up with a yawn
She happened to feel a little forlorn.

That was when she realised she looked quite ugly,
"I need a makeover," she thought quite suddenly.

"My snakes look truly terrible today
oh, I hope they have room at the salon - I pray,"

At that exact moment, she picked up her mobile
she paused for a second then began to dial.

The phone was answered by Tony & Guy
They only did hair, snakes would make them die.

Then she decided she'd phone up vidal sasoon
When they heard 'snakes' they had no room.

She sat and pondered what shall I do?
Should I go to the vet or maybe the zoo?

She mounted her Pegasus and started to fly
With a flap and a whoosh, they took to the sky.

Over fields and rivers, the two did roam,
Until they spotted the sign saying 'pets at home.'

She entered the shop where a lady was buying a bone,
She glanced the wrong way and was turned to stone.

With his head in a box the manager - 'Steve'
Explained health & safety and asked her to leave.

'Oh Steve, oh Steve what should I do?'
"Go to the reptile house down at the zoo."

Back on her Pegasus, back in the sky
They flew and they flew they flew very high.

'Down she cried' so down they both flew
She looked around, she was at the zoo.

Then a keeper said, 'What's happening? Are you stupid Miss?'
But he soon closed his mouth when her head started to hiss.

She exclaimed quite loudly 'I want my hair in a bun'
He replied 'I'm off to get my tranquiliser gun'

So, she flew away from the zoo, back to her lair
Then she cried "What shall I do with my untidy hair?"

She began to pour herself a glass of gin
And then like a miracle her snakes shed their skin.

She looked at her reflection in a metal spoon,
It wasn't beige anymore or an ugly maroon.

It was yellow and blue striped with a sparkly gleam,
"These are by far the coolest snakes I've ever seen!"

There's a lesson in this, that you all should know,
That your natural look is the best way to go!

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