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'I wet myself in front of my neighbour on the doorstep'

BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast presenter Rachel Burden asked listeners for their experiences of incontinence.

Here are some of the stories you shared with us...

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"Like most people after childbirth I was a bit leaky and put it down to being a ‘leaky new mum’.

"I did honestly mean to do my pelvic floor exercises because I’m a physio, I do know what I’m supposed to be doing but I fell into the trap - I was just tired and too busy.

"I wet myself in front of my neighbour on the doorstep one time. There’s always something that happens that’s really embarrassing and that’s what pushes people to come into clinic." - Elaine Miller, physiotherapist and comedian

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"No one really mentioned what might happen after you have children and you return to a life of sport. I don’t hydrate before I play [netball] because the more I drink before I play, the more likely I am to wee myself on court. I wear pads. I have a pad in my pocket that I go and change at half time. For me it takes a lot of planning just to get through that match." - Susanna in Bristol

"When I became pregnant this time around I noticed again that I was experiencing some incontinence especially when I was sneezing. I am a sportswoman and used to play a lot of netball. Following my first birth - I had a traumatic birth and didn’t have much of a pelvic floor left - after that I virtually had physio right the way through. Having experienced incontinence again I’ve found it really quite distressing. Adverts normalise this and it’s really not. I want to play netball again. I’ve already have booked post-natal physio so that I can start working on it as soon as possible." - Claire in London

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"I was diagnosed with prostate cancer about four years ago and had to have it removed. I was left incontinent - I had no control over my urine at all. At first I had to wear pads and didn’t really know what to wear or where to buy them or anything because no one actually gave us any help… I still am incontinent and I go through two or three pads a day. One of the difficulties I’ve had as a man is the bulkiness of the pads at the front of your trousers and when they do leak unfortunately, everybody can see it... Men don’t talk about it at all." - Vincent in Dorset

"I’ve had MS for about 19 years and I would say for about 10 of those years, I thought it was completely normal that I would just leak and there was nothing I could do about it. I would be desperate to go to the loo and I wouldn’t be able to hold it. It would happen a lot." - Rachel in Oxford

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"I waited six weeks after having a baby to go back to the gym. I ran down the hill and I felt something kind of fall. I didn’t know anything about it, I wasn’t aware of what it could possibly be. I spoke to a nurse who said: 'Oh it could be a prolapse but that’s really weird because it only ever happens to old ladies or women with obesity issues so that’s really strange.' I felt really humiliated from that point. It stayed with me and I was kind of ashamed." - Anonymous

"I had my baby two years ago now and afterwards I struggled with post-natal depression. Exercise lifted my mood, so I was really keen to get back into it but I found that I suffering with leaking horrifically. We start every lesson by karate jumping up and down but I would have to look at my instructor and say, 'I can’t do this'." - Alicia in Devon

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