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Daniel Radcliffe was King of the Breakfast Show jungle

It's always a pleasure to have Daniel Radcliffe back in the Radio 1 Breakfast Show studio, and on this visit he did not disappoint. Speaking all about his amazing but terrifying looking new film Jungle, he dished the goss on strange diets, mad rumours and so much more...

Read on to find out exactly what happened.

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Now ABOUT those egg rumours...

Daniel Radcliffe and the “one egg a day” rumour

Grimmy gets to the bottom of some pretty odd rumours surrounding Daniel's latest role.

Dan's new film Jungle is based on a true story, about a man who was lost in a wild and dangerous bit of jungle for three weeks. So, naturally, he needed to lose a bit of weight for the filming. "I didn’t feel that I should be in those final scenes looking really well fed," he admitted.

Nevertheless, wild rumours that he survived on just one egg a day - rumours which MIGHT have been discussed at length on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show - proved to be totally untrue. That said, his diet still sounds VERY strict.

"I would have a fillet of fish or a chicken breast or a protein bar, a day," Dan revealed. "Which is more than an egg!"

The stories just get weirder

While the egg story was a little odd, it's far from the most bizarre rumour Dan has ever heard about himself.

"I heard that I had the SAS walking my dogs at one point," he revealed. "And there was a thing in the papers a few years ago – I’m not sure what they were implying – saying that I no longer had the strength in my arms to hold a script, so I would get my assistant to hold it up behind me in a mirror. Which wouldn’t even work. What, would I have to get it printed backwards?!"

The mind truly does boggle. Luckily enough, Dan is so chilled out he doesn't let it get to him. "They’re harmless and I’m not going to come out and get angry about it," he said. "But a lot of the time people do come out with just mad, made up stuff."

He's not sure he's MUCH of a survivor

While it obviously can't compare to the experiences of the man who went through it for real, Dan's time during filming sounds pretty intense.

"There are some horrific moments in it, which I’ve been told are fairly hard to watch," he said. "It’s always a fun moment when you look up from a scene that you’re doing and the crew looks freaked out."

Nevertheless, he's under no illusions that he's the next Bear Grylls. "My character, nothing in his life prepared him for this. He wasn’t a survivalist, he didn’t know what he was doing out there. A set of instincts just came in and kept him alive," he said. "I like to think we all have a version of that – but I mean I feel like I would last a day."

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