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Why people are showing Solidari-tea for Helen and real life women in similar situations by tweeting #FreeHelen

Outside Ambridge, thousands of people showed their solidari-tea with Helen and real-life victims of abuse. Here's how...

The Solidari-tea Campaign

How 1000s of people joined a social movement to show solidari-tea with victims of abuse

Because love doesn't mean control

They are tweeting because although Helen is fictional, her situation is real

No one should live in fear of the person that "loves" them

This man agrees, and he plays Rob Titchener...

And Annabelle Dowler aka Kirsty - the true friend who did everything to #FreeHelen

And the woman who has it in her power to #FreeHelen - Isobel Middleton aka Helen's barrister Anna Tregorran

Take a look at other lovely people showing solidari-tea....

How can you show your solidari-tea?

Thank you to every single person who has joined in solidari-tea with #FreeHelen.

If you would like to show your solidari-tea with Helen and real life women in similar situations, just take a picture of yourself drinking a cup of tea, explain why it's important to show solidari-tea and share on Facebook and/or tweet on the #FreeHelen hashtag.

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