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BBC Singers

Who's who at the BBC Singers.


Margaret Feaviour

Micaela Haslam

Helen Neeves

Elizabeth Poole

Olivia Robinson

Alison Smart

Emma Tring


Lynette Alcántara

Margaret Cameron

Nancy Cole

Rebecca Lodge

Cherith Millburn-Fryer


Christopher Bowen

Edward Goater

Stephen Jeffes

Robert Johnston

Andrew Murgatroyd


Michael Bundy

Stephen Charlesworth

Charles Gibbs

Jamie W. Hall

Edward Price

Andrew Rupp


General Manager: Paul Hughes

Acting Choral Manager: Ruth Potter

Senior Producers: Michael Emery and Helen Garrison

Acting Assistant Choral Manager: Alison Dancer

Learning Manager: Garth McArthur

Production Coordinator: Lizzie Coxhead

Tours Manager: Kathryn Aldersea

Auditions Coordinator and Librarian: Hannah Sander

London Performing Groups Marketing

Head of Marketing, Publications and Learning: Kate Finch

Communications Manager: Madeleine Castell

Marketing Manager: Sarah Hirons

Marketing Officer: Rachel Murphy

Marketing Assistant: Sophie Goodwin