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9. John Logie Baird and mass communication

The series ends in the 20th century, celebrating TV and other mass communications.

The tutorial

We start in 1909 in Dover where Louis Bleriot has just made the first crossing of the English Channel by aeroplane.

Then we hear about morse code, gramophones, radio, photographs and television...and finally the development of computers, the internet and the dawning of the 21st century...and wonder, 'where next?'

Duration: 15' 47"

The song: 'Communicating, communicating' (vocal)

The song is an energetic exploration of 20th century mass communications.

Once you have learnt the song using the vocal version you could try singing to the backing track only.

Click here for the backing track version of the song or go to the Clips page.

Duration: 4' 11"

An early television

Children watch an early black and white television

Listening music

The opening of 'Also sprach Zarathustra' by Richard Strauss - the music used by the BBC for the Apollo launches in the 1960/70s.

How would the children describe the music?

Can they say why this might be good music for showing a rocket taking off for space?

Duration: 1' 00"