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Radio 1 DJs pick the best motivating music to kickstart your 2019

January, a month that sees many seeking motivation to get their year started in the right way. Whether you've made a resolution or not, we've got you covered.

Every Thursday, the Workout Mix offers up plenty of motivational tunes to get you moving. But it's not all about hitting the gym. If you're after some feel-good tunes, the Get Inspired Mix is for you. Need to destress after a busy Christmas? The Release the Rage Mix is perfect for that. Or maybe you simply need an extra push to get out of bed and face the wintry weather - well, that's exactly the Bleak Morning Medicine Mix is for.

It's also important to decompress too though, and Radio 1's Wind Down Mix and Chill Mix provide a perfect soundtrack for you to unwind at the end of the day.

But motivating music isn't the same for everyone. As Radio 1 Early Breakfast host Adele Roberts says: "When it comes to motivational music there’s no formula, no perfect song, when the right one comes along, you’ll feel it when you hear it."

Adele Roberts: George Ezra - Paradise

The past 12 months have been a great year for motivating music, Adele says, with the likes of Drake's God’s Plan and BTS' IDOL making their way onto her workout playlist. Cardi B also provides a perfect soundtrack: "She energises me and makes me feel I can achieve anything."

"Music can do so much to lift the soul and remind us we’re all in this together," Adele argues, adding that there's one song in particular that never fails to uplift and inspire her, and that's George Ezra's Paradise.

It was the "unofficial anthem" of Greg James' mammoth Gregathon challenge last year, which saw Adele and other special guests join Greg over the course of a week as he cycled 500 miles and climbed the three highest peaks in Great Britain (Mount Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis).

"There were so many twists and turns to that story, so many times we didn’t think the challenge could be completed… but there was one song that got us all through. Every time we heard it on Radio 1 it lifted our spirits and we sang our little hearts out!"

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Scott Mills: Porter Robinson - Language

Uptempo music is often a great source of motivation, whether it's to get your pulse racing or to give you an extra productive boost while doing some chores.

For Scott Mills, it doesn't get much better than Language, the massive 2012 single from world-conquering DJ Porter Robinson. "It’s just one of the best dance records of all time," Scott says. "You can step to the beat. Whatever you’re on foot, a treadmill or on your bike, it’ll really make you speed up!"

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Annie Mac: Denis Sulta - D.K.Y

For Annie Mac, a killer track takes you on a journey. There's peaks, dips and a whole lot of tempo changes along the way. Glaswegian Denis Sulta's D.K.Y is a prime example of this.

"It’s actually quite fast for a dance track and quite tough in terms of the drums but has this huge gospel vocal that carries it," Annie notes. "I put this on when I’m exercising. It has two massive breakdowns and build ups which really helps when you’re running up hills."

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Jack Saunders: Bring Me The Horizon - Mantra

Losing yourself to music and getting yourself moving can be a great alternative way to exercise - it can also help you concentrate and improve your wellbeing too.

Indie Show host Jack Saunders says: "Forget any new years resolutions about going to the gym. I’ve burnt so many calories listening to Bring Me The Horizon's Mantra on repeat. It gets the blood flowing to the brain as well, so you can be way more productive. Just clear the area, it’s gonna make you go wild!"

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Katie Thistleton: Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry

Music also has the ability to empower, allowing you to better believe in yourself - whatever the task at hand. Radio 1 Life Hacks co-host Katie Thistleton says that Demi Lovato's Sorry Not Sorry is her main "motivation tune" at the moment.

"Every time I hear it played on the radio I feel like, 'Yes Demi! You can do this, I can do this!' I was so pleased when I introduced her on stage at Biggest Weekend this year because the song had been one of my faves for getting me up and on with stuff. I put it on in the shower sometimes when I’m struggling to wake up!"

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Phil Taggart: SWMRS - Palm Trees

California band SWMRS are Chillest Show host Phil Taggart's go-to when he needs that extra spark, calling their song Palm Trees in particular "the best pop punk track of the last decade".

"It’s pure anthemic adrenalin designed more for the second half of the day than the first. I’m almost too scared to see them play this live as bands normally throttle everything double speed and I think that would tear my head off."

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