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Ten Pieces and The Nutcracker – Live Lesson EXTRA

Get creative with classical music

In this EXTRA lesson children will build on the dance moves introduced in the first lesson.

Naomi Wilkinson and Karim Zeroual are joined by Royal Opera House Dance Practioner Liz Foster and former Royal Ballet Soloist David Pickering.

Students will learn about transitions and dancing in pairs and groups.

This lesson is aimed at 7-11 year olds:

• KS2 in England and Wales
• Primary 4 to Primary 7 pupils in Scotland
• Years 4 - 7 in Northern Ireland

We've chosen music that also features on the Ten Pieces III Repertoire – inspiring a generation of children to get creative with classical music.

To find out more about teaching dance and ballet in the classroom visit the Royal Opera House Learning Platform.

Get ready for the Live Lesson