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Listen to these six uplifting documentaries

Tired of bad news? We feel you. That's why we've collected our most cheery documentaries to get you thinking (happy thoughts).

The Power of Cute

Have you ever wondered what's happening to your brain when you see a picture of a kitten and feel all warm and fuzzy? Zoologist Lucy Cooke investigates why this happens and the effect it's had on the animal kingdom.

Being Bored: The Importance of Doing Nothing

Struggling with boredom during the lockdown? Embrace it! Boredom is a powerful and criminally underrated phenommenon, according to Phil Jupitus.

Butterbeer and Grootcakes

Ever fancied nibbling on Sansa's delicious-sounding lemon cakes from Game of Thrones, downing a frothy glass of butterbeer from Harry Potter or tucking into some fried raccoon from The Hunger Games? Okay probably not the last one. In any case, there's a growing phenomenon of making fictional food real, which Aleks Krotoski has investigated.

The Pigeon Whistles

Welcome to the Chinese art of pigeon whistling: a tradition, possibly thousands of years old, in which tiny flutes are attached to pigeons. Musician Nathaniel Robin Mann teams up with the enigmatic "Pigeon Pete" to create just such a musical pigeon.

The Pleasures of Brecht

In 1954, German theatre practitioner Bertolt Brecht perfectly surmised life's simple joys, turning mundane acts such as looking out a window into a source of endless pleasure.

The Science of Dr Seuss

Comedian Robin Ince enters the wonderful wacky world of Dr Seuss, and uncovers some surprising real world science hidden within these childhood classics.

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