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Bastille's most life-changing cover versions

Bastille are about to grace our eyes and ears with their presence in the Live Lounge and we are beyond looking forward to it. Like, sitting on the floor rocking back and forth excited.

So of course, like the true obsessives we are, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane and prepare ourselves for their set by listening to the other most amazing covers Bastille has ever done...

We Can't Stop

Ok, only Bastille can cover Miley Cyrus and make us ask ourselves if it's better than the original. Miley put her stamp on We Can't Stop...hard. The guys make it sound kind of Eminem-esque mixed with stings and piano drama with a classic Bastille sound.

We literally can't stop...listening.


Of The Night

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Er, one of the best dance songs of all time made into a tambourine-filled, indie gem? We'll take it. The lads played a Halloween Vevo show back in 2013 and wowed the crowd with Corona's Of The Night. Win.

Earth Song vs Common People

Bastille performed a mix of Michael Jackson's Earth Song and Pulp's Common People in the Radio 1 Live Lounge and pretty much cemented their places as kings of the mash-up. Bow down.

What Would You Do?

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Perhaps one of their best and most amazing cover they've done is City High's What Would You Do? Throwing everyone back to 2004 and showing off their rap skillz, the guys made us all dream for their hip hop career ahead.

We can dream.

No Scrubs

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Whoever decided to make one of TLC's most iconic tunes No Scrubs acoustic is a total Einstein. Oh wait it was Dan and co. YAASS.

We're off to hang out the passenger side of our best friend's ride and put this on repeat.


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BĪ”STILLE perform a cover of Killer

The band strip back Adamski and Seal's 1990s classic hit in the Radio 2 Breakfast studio.

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As if Dan's face wasn't enough to make you fall in love with him just check out the band doing a cover of Adamski and Seal's epic 1990's smash Killer. Major heart-eyes vibes.

Kidnapping is still illegal right?