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BBC Tech Meetup - 12/03/20 - Security and #IntrinsicWebDesign

The Talks

Meet the BBC VR Barriers Project - Jamie Knight

Data is good. Digital accessibility is built on data. Data about barriers is what allows us to build a BBC for everyone. We needed barrier data for VR and this talk is about how we collected it. Expect: robots, duck tape and highlights from over 100 participants.

Responsive Web Design is dead. Long live Intrinsic Web Design - Josh Tumath from BBC Core Services, @joshtumath

Josh is a front-end Web developer in D+E’s new Core Services department. He is a Web standards nerd who could easily win a pub quiz if it was about CSS properties or Disney theme parks. He’d come last if it was about anything else.

RWD revolutionised the Web. It took full advantage of Media Queries to tear down the wall between the ‘mobile web’ and ‘desktop web’. But now, as we’ve started to create componentised design systems where components could appear anywhere, designers and developers are crying out for ‘container queries’. A new movement of Intrinsic Web Design is emerging which can do just that and more! We’re just scratching the surface of what’s now possible with the newest features of CSS.

Should I plugin this USB I found? - Joe Bollen, BBC Information Security Architect

Curious why you're always told not to plug in random USBs you find?
Understand how the HID attack vector can be used by hackers dropping random USBs hoping you will plug them in.

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