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3: Al zoo

At the zoo

Uncle Manu takes Charlie and Quique to the zoo where they meet Marta, one of the zookeepers. Teresa tells a story about Ramón el Ratón looking for his friend with the help of Gael el Gorila and Uncle Manu sings about some of the zoo animals. Vocabulary includes animals and colours and grammar includes the gender of nouns and adjectival agreement with singular nouns.

Clip 9: Al zoo

At the zoo

Charlie, Quique and Tío Manu go to the zoo where they meet Manu's friend Marta, a zookeeper. Marta talks to them about their favourite animals and Charlie finds out how to pronounce j in Spanish.

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Clip duration: 04 56

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Clip 10: Cuento: ¿Dónde está mi amiga?

Story: Where is my friend?

Ramón el Ratón lives in the zoo manager's house and goes out at 6pm every evening to play with his friends. This evening he can't find Josefina la Jirafa and asks for help from Gael el Gorila.

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Clip duration: 04 52

Themes, Vocab and Grammar

Themes and vocabulary Grammar and pronunciation
animals es
colours gender
describing size adjectival agreement with singular nouns
- pronunciation of ge / gi / j (rojo, jirafa)
- animal sounds

Clip 11: En casa

At home

Sofía and Quique help Charlie with her g and j sounds. They also help her with the names of different animals and how to describe them using adjectives. Charlie is surprised to find that animals speak Spanish too!

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Clip duration: 03 20

Key vocabulary: los adjetivos 1

Spanish Enlgish
activo active
alto tall
bajo short (in height)
feliz happy
gordo fat
grande big
largo long

Clip 12: Canción - Animales en el zoo

Song - Animals in the zoo

The song reprises the story of Ramón el Ratón and his search for his loyal friend Josefina la Jirafa.

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Clip duration: 02 14

Key vocabulary: los adjetivos 2

Spanish English
peligroso dangerous
pequeño small
preferido favourite
ruidoso noisy
simpático nice
travieso naughty
tranquilo calm