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Join in the discussion about Kerry's book selection.

October Book Choices:

'Milkman' by Anna Burns

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Shortlisted for this year’s Man Booker prize, this is a story set in Belfast during the Troubles. A young woman falls under the influence of a sinister, older man. But it’s not a book about the Troubles – it’s an examination of the oppressive forces of tribalism, of religion, of living in fear.

(Reviewed by Sharon Dempsey 16.10.18)

'Transcription' by Kate Atkinson

Publisher: Penguin

This is the story of Juliet, who’s employed by MI5 in 1940 to transcribe the bugged conversations of a group of fascist sympathisers. Ten years later, Juliet is working as a producer for the BBC when the past comes back to haunt her.

(Reviewed by Esther Haller-Clarke 23.10.18)

Have you read these books – what did you think?

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