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Different Dad

by Rhys Mulligan, aged 7

Different Dad by Rhys Mulligan

Read by Neet Mohan from the BBC Radio Drama Company.

I always thought my Dad was different from other Dads. To look at he seemed quite normal. He had two eyes a nose and mouth, just like most Dads. But I sensed there was something strange, something special about him. All I knew was that he worked for the army on secret stuff but he wasn’t allowed to talk about it.

I’m not a naughty boy, but whenever I did anything that was a little bit naughty my Dad always caught me. He even caught me when he wasn’t even in the same room as me! I never saw him eat either. Whenever we ate tea he always rushed off to the garage straight after. He said he was going to fix his old motorbike. He has been fixing this motorbike for the last 7 years. As long as I can remember because I am 7 years old!!!

Last week was Sports Day in our school, and this was when the strangest thing happened. We have a Dad’s Race unfortunately. I say unfortunately because I had never seen my Dad run or even jog before. I knew he would come last in the race and that would really embarrass me in front of all my friends. I had asked him not to sign up for it but he always does the opposite of what I tell him to do. On Monday it was Dad’s Race. Dad went over to the starting line, ready steady… go. To my amazement Dad was in the lead then I couldn’t see him. He was running faster than a cheetah but suddenly he tripped over and fell with a TREMENDOUS CRASH! I ran over to him and he wasn’t moving. His eyes were wide open but he didn’t blink. A crowd of people gathered around him and someone said he wasn’t breathing. Before I knew it an ambulance had come and they put him on a stretcher and took him away. Just before they closed the doors I saw something very weird. The inside of the ambulance was full of computers and I thought I saw them push a thick cable into my dad’s ear!

It was two days before dad came home again and no one had really explained anything to me. After tea dad disappeared off to the garage again and I decided to sneakily follow him. I had questions that needed answering. I hid behind the lawnmower and watched him set to work. Dad got his toolkit out but to my amazement he didn’t go over to his motorbike. He got a screwdriver out and put it in his ear. After a few turns his head popped off and lots of wires dangled out. He connected his head to a secret computer inside his workbench and started to upload files. My dad was a robot spy!

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