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Eight amazing things that sparked romance

Our bodies are covered in tattoos

The world's most tattooed senior citizens

Charlotte Guttenberg and Chuck Helmke hold the record for most tattooed senior citizens.

We were dressed up for cosplay

BBC Minute: On finding love at Comic Con

Wearing a costume gave Emily and Amy the confidence to speak to each other

Our eyes met as we drove around the Wall of Death

Love on 'the wall of death'

Kerri and Luke Fox met while riding motorbikes around a 20ft high vertical wooden cylinder

We are addicted to mountains

The record-breaking mountaineering marriage

Married couple Nives Meroi and Romano Benet from Italy are record-breaking mountaineers

Because three is better than two

Meet the three men who 'married' each other

Why three isn't a crowd: Meet the men who 'married' each other

He rescued me after the Boston Marathon attacks

I'm marrying the firefighter who saved me

Four years after the Boston bombings, Roseann Sdoia is set to marry the man who saved her

He cycled from India to Sweden to find me

The man who cycled from India to Sweden for love

The Indian man who cycled thousands of miles to be with the love of his life in Sweden.

Who knows why a raven picked me as her mate!

How a raven chose a man as her mate

Ravenmaster Chris Skaife has a bond with a bird he takes care of at the Tower of London