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19 thoughts that everyone experiences during a country walk

Escaping the daily grind for a walk in the countryside is one of the most relaxing, energizing and soul-nourishing activities a human can undertake: a chance to reflect, to meditate and to let the mind wander.

But whether you’re a desk-weary day-tripper or a seasoned hiker, some walking thoughts are universal.

We're pretty sure you'll recognise some of these examples...

1. It feels like rain. Am I wearing enough clothes?

2. Am I wearing too many clothes? It now feels like there could be a heatwave coming.

3. Thank goodness for waterproof suncream.

4. Everything’s just so... peaceful.

Sound Walk soundscape: Water and birdsong

Birds sing in the woods as water rushes over the flat, slippery stones of the stream.

5. Strangers walking towards me! I’m going to greet them warmly, even though I would never normally do this.

6. That felt great! I should totally reach out to strangers more often.

7. But maybe not on public transport.

8. I hope there’s somewhere to stop for lunch. I only have a sandwich, an apple and two kilos of Kendal mint cake; things could get ugly out here.

9. If it came down to it, could I kill and eat that rabbit?

10. Could that rabbit eat me?

11. Perhaps I’m trying too hard. Animals don’t seem to worry about waterproofing OR Kendal mint cake, and they seem pretty happy.

12. When you think about it, hikers are just monkeys in Gore-Tex.

13. How do I not normally notice how loud birds are?

Sound Walk soundscape: Birdsong and vapour trails

A distant plane is a barely perceptible drone, overpowered by the sound of birdsong.

14. It’s hard to believe that all this nature stuff is happening all the time. Even when I’m not here.

15. Big. Hill.

16. I don’t want to look unfit, so I’ll only breathe through my nose during this climb.

17. OMG OMG OMG I’m passing out

18. Saved by the view. I’ll stare at it nobly for a bit while I reoxygenate.

19. Why would anyone spend their time doing anything else?