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“It’s lovely to know I can help create something with people” — the life model helping artists better understand the human form

3 October 2018

“It’s the purest thing you could draw.”

Charlotte is a life model. Posing naked in front of artists makes her nervous, but it’s also been beneficial to her self-esteem. Moreover, it has given her a strong sense of helping the artistic community.

Life Modelling | Into It

What's it like to be a life model?

“I get so nervous during it. Sometimes you pick one spot on a wall and kind of go into your own world.”

Charlotte has grown to realise that the nerves she feels during the drawing process pale in comparison with how she feels once she finishes a pose.

“The feeling I get afterwards... it’s lovely.”

As well as providing a supplementary income, helping artists understand the human form is vitally important to Charlotte.

“It’s a very key thing that every artist needs to do. If you don’t understand the human form, then how do you think you could understand anything else?”

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