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Superfan Sam became the first person to hear Dua Lipa's new song

Eight-year-old Sam became the first fan in the world to hear Dua Lipa’s brand new song ‘Don’t Start Now’ on Radio 1 Breakfast this morning.

Now obviously Greg James couldn't play it out on-air ahead of the song's release tomorrow (Fri 1 Nov), so Sam had to review the track through dance – which you can watch below!

But Sam did manage to slip us one slight spoiler, as he revealed some of the lyrics: “If you don’t wanna see me dancing with somebody, if you wanna believe that anything can stop me… Don’t show up, don’t come out, don’t start caring about me now.”

It's fair to say Sam loved it as he gave this one-line review: "It was better than [2019 track] ‘Swan Song', I love it."

And that's not all from Dua, as she will be back on Breakfast on Monday 4 November, when Greg will be able to press play on ‘Don’t Start Now’.

It wasn't just superfan Sam who got a surprise this morning.

When Ellie called in to play Unpopular Opinion, she didn't know that Harry Styles was also on the line listening in.

Harry was the surprise fifth caller and Ellie is a huge Styles fan, so when he said that "Halloween isn’t fun", she obviously knew the voice straight away.

Watch it unfold below.