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9: Mi gente

My people

Charlie and Quique spend the morning at school and all the pupils talk about their best friends. After lunch, Sofía tells them a story about people who are different but who are still best friends and Uncle Manu also sings about friendship. Key vocabulary and grammar focuses on school subjects and help with describing other people.

Clip 33: El cole


Quique and Charlie are at the school where the teacher asks the class to describe their best friend and his/her favourite subjects using the phrase le gusta/le gustan. They also use va a ser to talk about the future.

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Clip duration: 04 12

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Clip 34: Cuento - Somos diferentes

Story - We're all different

Amad and Neus come from different backgrounds and like different things but they are still best friends.

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Clip duration: 03 50

Themes, Vocab and Grammar

Themes and vocabulary Grammar and pronunciation
describing what you like and dislike doing using infinitives
school in Spain the names of school subjects in Spanish
describing your friends words to describe a person's character
giving opinions putting infinitives and opinions together

Clip 35: En casa

At home

At home after school, Quique and Charlie discuss the differences between school in Spain and in England. They talk about school subjects and then Charlie uses her new vocabulary to describe Quique.

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Clip duration: 04 36

Key vocabulary 1

Spanish English
cantar to sing
charlar to chat
dibujar to draw
escribir to write
escuchar música to listen to music
ir a conciertos de música to go to music concerts
ir al cine to go to the cinema

Clip 36: Canción - Amistad, amigos para siempre

Song - Friendship, friends for ever

A song about being friends with someone even though you are different and like different things.

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Clip duration: 02 37

Key vocabulary 2

Spanish English
amable friendly
creativo/a creative
feliz happy
generoso/a generous
inteligente intelligent
reservado/a reserved / shy
valiente brave