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The semi-finals: Chocolate week

The fantastic four were back, ready to rise and shine

While Mary was just happy to see the one and only Tamal

While trying to look mildly sympathetic, Paul issued his most terrifying words of warning yet... who said things had to get fatal?

Is a 'sprinkle' of Mary the secret ingredient every baker needs to make a perfect chocolate tart?

@BBCFood seem to think so...coming soon to a shop near you!

Who needs words, when you have emojis

Nadiya was the first EVER recipient of the Paul Hollywood 'lingering handshake'

Ian couldn't remember how to make a creme pat, let alone a chocolate souffle...

Suspicious minds: Detective Nadiya in the house (ahem, tent!)

We're sure a can of Ian's favorite tipple 'fizzy pop' would wash his hat down nicely...

Never mind the bake... Flora's signature look: despair

The paper clips for the souffles were clearly just too much for Nadiya to bare

Paul got pernickety over Flora's showstopper molds

Ian 'well' and truly proved himself in the field of chocolate engineering... but where was the cake?!

And Flora's fair ride was closed for the day

Agh, that's more the face we like to see- go Nadiya!

But it was sadly oven and out for Flora

Well done Flora. We'll never forget you or your quizzical facial expressions.

See you next week for the GBBO FINAL!